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Wrangler 2012 AB/DB


The Wrangler 2012 walk behind floor scrubber delivers high-productivity and cleaning performance you can count on. It is a perfect fit for hard floor cleaning programs found in retail, convenience stores, healthcare, schools, airports and hospitality.

Durable and reliable. Built for tough commercial environments, the Wrangler 2012 walk behind floor scrubber will hold up year after year.

Simplify operator training. The Wrangler 2012 has easy to understand controls, saving time when training new staff.  It doesn’t take long for new employees learn to scrub the floor.

Easy to maintain. The recovery tank on the Wrangler 2012 opens wide to allow thorough cleaning, helping to prevent foul odors from mold and bacteria.

Two models to fit any application:

Wrangler 2012 AB – A battery powered manual walk behind floor scrubber with a pad assisted drive.

Wrangler 2012 DB – A battery powered walk behind floor scrubber with a powered drive system to improve productivity.

Solution Tank: 12 gallons (45 L)

Recovery Tank: 14 gallons (53 L)

Sound Level: 62 dBA