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GIGA is a professional scrubber-dryer, compact and agile, with high productivity performances. It is suitable for all the medium-sized areas, even when obstacles or people are around because it leaves the floor perfectly dry, even when turning, and because of the very low noise level (61 dB) and the LED front light. The possibility to use different washing programs, has a long-running time (up to 6 hours), reducing the consumption of water and chemicals. Setting the working parameters also allows constant cleaning results. Different scrub-heads are available: 700, 800, and 900 mm with 2 disk brushes or rollers.


Type of job: Washing and drying functions
Area to be cleaned: 5000-10000 m²
Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance / Heavy duty
Width of the surface to be cleaned: 80 cm
Number/type of brushes: 2 discs
Width of the surface to be dried: 965 mm
Solution tank: 120 l
Container drain: Manual
Traction: electronic
Supply: battery 24 V
Dimensions: 1503x844x1400 mm