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RALLY 1200


1200 PSI High Pressure Tile Restoring / Carpet
Cleaning Machine

Clean bathrooms eliminate the opportunity for complaints and create a overall feeling of trust with your company or institution. To completely manage the soil and bacteria that build up in bathrooms, tile and grout cleaning is a must. The Rally 1200 high pressure cleaning machine gives you the ability to maintain new tile and improve neglected tile and grout to a like-new condition.
The Rally 1200’s Hard Surface Tool uses two high pressure streams of 1200 PSI water to turn the spray bar at up to 1400 RPM. This high pressure spray helps remove soil from the tile and grout. A vacuum shroud surrounding the tool pulls the dirty water into the recovery tank, leaving the tile clean.

Continuous water supply keeps your staff productive on large jobs. Use standard garden hoses to supply water to and drain water from the Rally 1200 high pressure tile cleaner.

Not just for hard floors. Reduce the pressure on the Rally 1200 and it can be used as a cold water carpet extractor.

Easy maintenance. By removing a single bolt, the tanks on the Rally 1200 can be tilted back, revealing the inner workings of the machine.

Solution Tank: 12 gallons (46 L)

High Pressure Spray: Adjustable, 400 to 1200 PSI

Sound Level: 75 dBA