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Sidewinder 30


30" Manual Push Sweeper (760 mm)
For quick removal of trash and litter, use the Sidewinder 30 manual push sweeper. Built for indoor and outdoor environments, the Sidewinder 30 works in damp or dry condition. Lightweight and maneuverable, the Sidewinder 30 manual sweeper is ideal for shopping malls, movie theaters, supermarkets, warehouses and parking lots.

Improve productivity. The Sidewinder 30 push sweeper makes quick work of hard surface clean-up. Up to five times faster than a push broom.

Easy to use. The debris hopper has a built-in carrying handle making emptying the Sidewinder 30 manual push sweeper easy.

Efficient. Push the sweeper and the side brooms clean along walls and curbs. Clean right to the edge on both sides of the sweeper.

Versatile. The brush height can be manually adjusted with the dial on the front of the machine. Optimize performance of the Sidewinder 30 manual push sweeper for any surface, indoors our outside.


Hopper Capacity: 13.2 gallons (50 L)