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Charger 2022DB


20" Walk Behind Floor Buffer (510 mm)

Bring out the luster in your floors with a clean, battery powered floor buffer. The high-speed electric motor burnishes without the fumes and noise of a propane burnisher.

High performance. The Charger 2022 walk behind floor buffer uses an optimal combination of speed and pressure to quickly restore the luster of floor finish. The powerful motor on the Charger 2022 is perfect for concrete polishing with diamond pads.

Clean operation. The Charger 2022 captures the floor finish powder created during polishing with the efficient Vac-Trac Dust Control System built into the pad motor

The electric advantage, low cost of ownership. Unlike propane floor buffers, the Charger 2022 doesn’t need frequent maintenance. Save thousands of dollars of operating costs by avoiding propane fuel costs, oil changes, and other costly repairs.
Pad Speed: 2200 RPM

Pad Pressure: 70 lbs (34 kg)

Sound Level: 68 dBA