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CHAMP 3529 35"


The Champ series rider scrubbers from NSS get the job done with big ride-on power. Their 36V electrical system package delivers up to 30 percent more run time than a comparably configured 24V machine, so the Champs give you more of what you expect from a rider scrubber.

Maneuverability.  The single front-drive wheel turns 90 degrees in both directions, so it needs only 67-70 inches to turn around.

Power.  With its 1 HP drive motor and powerful 36V power system, the Champ Rider Scrubber has guts enough to power up most loading ramps.

On-Board Battery Charging.  Allows instantaneous charging of the batteries wherever there’s an electric outlet—no more hauling out separate battery chargers.

High Productivity.  Available in 29, 33, and 35-in widths. Clean between 18,000 and 22,000 square feet per hour.