Champ 2417 RB Mini Ride On Scrubber

24" Mini Ride On Scrubber

The Champ 2417 Mini Ride On Scrubber delivers high productivity in a small package. With a 24” cleaning path, the Champ 2417 cleans 20% faster than similarly sized 20” ride on scrubbers.

Easy to use. A single button controls the scrub deck and the vacuum motor.

Maneuverable. The compact design of the Champ 2417 Mini Ride On Scrubber, combined with a squeegee that swings tightly around the scrub deck, lets you pick up water during sharp turns.

Efficient. Scrub up to 32,100 square feet per hour and make fewer trips to refill the machine because of the Champ 2417 Ride On Scrubber’s sizable 17 gallon solution tank.

Conservation mode. Press the green leaf button to operate this ride on scrubber with minimal water flow, chemical usage, brush speed and vacuum motor speed for maximum water and power efficiency.


Cleaning Path: 24 inches (60 cm)

Solution Tank: 17 Gallons (64 L)

Sound Level: 69 dBA

CHAMP 2417
CHAMP 2417
CHAMP 2417 CHAMP 2417

Sentry Wireless Equipment Monitoring

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Ecostrip Chemical Free Stripping Pads

Ecostrip 400 scrubbing pads have an abrasive diamond coating that lets you deep scrub or damp strip finished VCT tile and Terrazzo floors with just water, leaving a surface that is ready for additional floor finish or burnishing.

Sidekick Automatic Chemical Metering

Witht he Sidekick, you simply install your bottle of chemical on the scrubber. The Sidekick adds chemicals to match the dilution ratio you set.

Whisker Vacuumized Pre-sweep

Add one-pass sweeping and scrubbing to any Champ ride-on scrubber. Two side brooms sweep debris towards a central collection bin. A vacuum motor sucks up fine dust into a 99.4% efficient vacuum bag.

Urethane Squeegee Blades

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Wet Battery Auto-fill Kit

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