Mustang 1500

20" High-Speed Burnisher (510 mm)

For fast burnishing with exceptional results, the Mustang 1500 is an outstanding value in high-speed floor care. Operating at 1500 RPM, the Mustang 1500 delivers high-gloss “wet-look” shine at an economical price.

Smooth operation. The flexible, built-in pad driver enables smooth, balanced, and safe operation.

Easy transportation. The built-in wheel carriage allows easy transport to the worksite and on stairs.

Safety lock-out. The mechanical lock-out switch on the Mustang 1500 prevents accidental starts.

Optional dust filter version. The Mustang 1500 with Vac-Trac Dust Control System captures and deposits dust into a filter at the front of the machine, protecting indoor air quality.


Pad Speed: 1500 RPM

Pad Motor: 1.5 HP (1100 W)

Sound Level: 63 dBA

Mustang 1500
Mustang 1500
Mustang 1500 Mustang 1500

Ecostrip Chemical Free Stripping Pads

Ecostrip 400 scrubbing pads have an abrasive diamond coating that lets you deep scrub or damp strip finished VCT tile and Terrazzo floors with just water, leaving a surface that is ready for additional floor finish or burnishing.


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