Outlaw BV

Six Quart Corded Backpack Vacuum

The Outlaw BV Backpack Vacuum can help take your vacuum productivity to new levels. Faster than uprights and canister vacuums, backpack vacuums give your staff a faster way to maneuver in tight spaces and around obstacles. This lightweight vacuum is excellent for offices, schools, theaters, auditoriums, retail stores, and aircraft.

Improve efficiency. With the Outlaw BV, your staff can vacuum over twice as much per hour as they can with a 12ā€ upright vacuum. The productivity rate is over 7,000 square feet per hour with this lightweight vacuum.

Detail cleaning. The Outlaw BVā€™s tool kit includes a 14ā€ carpet and hard floor tool, a crevice tool and a round brush. Clean open areas with the carpet tool and then switch to the other tools for wall edges, overhead vents, window ledges and other hard to reach areas.

Lightweight and comfortable. The adjustable, padded backpack harness on the Outlaw BV can comfortably accommodate most people. The lightweight wand is less fatiguing to use than heavier upright vacuums.


Bag Capacity: 6.5 quarts (6 L)

Sound Level: 69 dBA

Outlaw BV
Outlaw BV
Outlaw BV Outlaw BV

Outlaw BV Aviation Vacuum

The Outlaw BV Aviation Vacuum is equipped with a 120V / 400 Hz motor and a 75ā€™ cord for use on commercial aircraft. Quickly navigate up and down the aisle while vacuuming hard to reach areas.


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