Pacer 30

30" Wide Area Vacuum (760 mm)

The Pacer 30 is the smart choice for fast, effective vacuuming of large carpeted areas. Ideal for hallways, lobbies, meeting rooms, and airport terminals, the Pacer 30 vacuums about seven times faster than upright vacuums.

Save time, save money. Use the right tool for the right job. The Pacer 30 is so much more productive than uprights, that it pays for itself quickly.

Easy to use. A four-position adjustable handle and self-propelled brush action make it less tiring to use.

Quiet operation. The “Quietbox” muffles vacuum noise and filters exhaust air for quiet, clean operation. HEPA filters optional.

Two models:

Standard – Good filtration, 99.4% efficient.

HEPA – For improved indoor air quality and performance, add HEPA filtration, 99.97% efficient.


Bag Capacity: 56 quarts (53 L)

Sound Level: 69 dBA


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