Rally 220/220H

220 PSI Tank Carpet Extractor

Rally carpet extractors provide deep cleaning and versatility. With three models to choose from, there is one for every application and budget. Innovative features, like built-in circuit detection, will help your staff make the most of their time.

Two models:

Rally 220 – A 220 PSI cold water carpet extractor.

Rally 220H – A 220 PSI heated carpet extractor.

Heated extraction improves cleaning performance. Hot water helps loosen the bond between the soil and the carpet. The 2000 Watt heaters in the Rally 220H and 500H make your cleaning chemicals more effective, delivering solution at temperatures as high as 190° F.

Easy maintenance. By removing a single bolt, the tanks on the Rally extractors can be tilted back, revealing the inner workings of the machine.


Solution Tank: 12 gallons (46 L)

Spray Pressure: 220 PSI

Sound Level: 75 dBA

Rally 220/220H
Rally 220/220H
Rally 220/220H Rally 220/220H

4-inch Upholstery Tool

4” Upholstery Tool. Clean furniture and curtains with this specially designed tool. The squared-off base allows you to create a good seal with the cushion, pulling the dirt off furniture.

Stair Cleaning Tool

This special single-jet wand is built for cleaning stairs. The shortened wand lets your staff stand a few steps below the working surface without bending over too far.

Hydroglide 2 Carpet Wand

This next-generation carpet wand uses a durable Delrin glide to reduce drag for smooth operation on any carpet. The rugged polyethylene wand head with tear-drop design efficiently collects dirty water. The wand is manufactured with 1.5” aircraft aluminum alloy tubing and only weighs 6.4 pounds.


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