S 20 E

Special device: aircraft version

We also deliver the S 20 in an aircraft version with 115 V / 400 Hz (for technical data, see table; otherwise as standard version). - Item No. 26 47 003 Not in stock - delivery time on request. Minimum order quantity: 12 pieces.

One of the quietest professional vacuum cleaners on the market. The S 20 E model is the quietest, most powerful professional device that nilco has ever developed: the S 20 E dry bowl vacuum cleaner combines proven technology with innovative technologies in a particularly ergonomic form. Its professional quality is not only reflected in its high suction power, robustness and high filter performance, but also impresses with its detailed solutions, especially in everyday use, which make work easier and save time.

With a large operating range and extensive accessories, the S 20 E brings the best results in every cleaning situation thanks to its energy-saving motor, which can easily be switched from 800 to 400 watts depending on the properties of the floor. Thanks to the super-silent technology, the device is so quiet at this power level that it can even be cleaned during hotel, business and office hours.



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