Stallion 818 SC

18" Self-Contained Carpet Extractor (460 mm)

Designed for medium-sized areas, the Stallion 818 SC can deep-clean and restore carpet quickly. Improve restorative cleaning productivity with the compact, dependable Stallion 818 SC.

Productive alternative to tank extractors. The Stallion 818’s brush loosens soil from the carpet while the vacuum shoe efficiently collects dirty solution. Extract carpet up to four times faster than a tank extractor with a 12” wand.

More than just a carpet extractor. Add tools and hoses to the Stallion 818 SC to extend its capabilities to include cleaning upholstery and stairs.

Easy maintenance. The Stallion 818 SC is simple to maintain. Remove a few bolts on the back of the machine to tilt the tanks forward, revealing all of the inner workings.


Solution Tank Capacity: 8 gallons (30 L)

Sound Level: 77 dBA

Stallion 818 SC
Stallion 818 SC
Stallion 818 SC Stallion 818 SC

4-inch Upholstery Tool

4” Upholstery Tool. Clean furniture and curtains with this specially designed tool. The squared-off base allows you to create a good seal with the cushion, pulling the dirt off furniture.

Stair Cleaning Tool

This special single-jet wand is built for cleaning stairs. The shortened wand lets your staff stand a few steps below the working surface without bending over too far.

Hydroglide 2 Carpet Wand

This next-generation carpet wand uses a durable Delrin glide to reduce drag for smooth operation on any carpet. The rugged polyethylene wand head with tear-drop design efficiently collects dirty water. The wand is manufactured with 1.5” aircraft aluminum alloy tubing and only weighs 6.4 pounds.


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