Wrangler 1503 AB/AE

15" Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber (380 mm)

Quickly clean small areas with the cost effective Wrangler 1503. As an alternative to the wet mop, the Wrangler 1503 can improve cleaning results and reduce labor costs.

Better results. Remove soil from the floor rather than spreading it throughout the area.

Reduce labor costs by cleaning at rates 50%-75% faster than mopping.

Lower the risk of slip and fall accidents by recovering the water as you clean, rather than waiting for the floor to dry through evaporation.

Two models to provide options to fit your operation:

Wrangler 1503 AE – A corded scrubber with a 49 foot cord. Unlimited power for frequent use.

Wrangler 1503 AB – A battery powered scrubber with a pad assisted drive. Improved productivity and flexibility compared to the corded model.


Solution Tank: 3.7 gallons (14 L)

Recovery Tank: 4.2 gallons (16 L)

Sound Level: 65 dBA



Equip the Wrangler 1503 with brushes (sold separately) to improve performance. Brushes are more effective on grouted floors than pads. Wrangler 1503 brushes have durable nylon bristles and come in three styles; light scrubbing, medium scrubbing and heavy scrubbing.

Urethane Squeegee Blades

Oily soils are notorious for warping rubber squeegee blades, rendering them useless. Oil resistant, long-lasting, urethane squeegee blades will solve that problem.


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